Dinner. November 21st, 2021.

Trader Joe’s veggie tots sounded perfect. I do them in the air fryer, leaving them crisp on the outside and soft inside. They’re useful for when we don’t know what to have, or don’t want to cook.

Winter. November 21st, 2021…

The grey clouds are still here. It’s been raining for hours, but this might be the end of it until Thursday. It’ll turn colder after mid-week, getting to the thirties during the day. It won’t be long before the snow arrives, and stays for months.

Dinner. November 19th, 2021.

We couldn’t figure out what to have, so we settled on pot stickers. These are new ones for us. We found them at BJ’s, and they’re nice since they don’t have a lot of sodium. My kidney’s don’t prefer high sodium foods, and they remind me of this by hurting after I eat something.