Shortages. December 29th, 2022.

I’m glad I don’t eat eggs. The eggs at our local stores were wiped because of the storm, shortages, and Christmas.

Shortages. December 1st, 2021.

We needed to do groceries this week. While I was at the two stores it takes to find what we enjoy, I took photographs. These are from Tops, one of the largest groceries stores in upstate Western New York. I’ll post the ones from Wegmans next. There’s a lot more photographs from there!

Shortages. November 29th, 2021.

I should have been taking photographs of the shortages in upstate New York since we’ve had them for months. We visited a Target tonight for Gatorade, and to learn if they had litter. We’ve struggled on buying it since the store was out of it for weeks. We noticed they raised the price by two dollars. Sigh.


I realize this is a topic I might not want to take photographs for, but my area of the country has been dealing with shortages for months. Grocery stores, restaurants, etc, have struggled with them. I’ve lost track of how often I’ve been told a restaurant doesn’t have something while I’m doing deliveries after dinner. I decided it was time to document what I’ve seen while shopping. It takes me two hours to shop, and I have to visit two or three stores to do it. I plan to update the shortages once a week while at the grocery store. No, this isn’t because of the holiday. This is normal for my area.